Sunday, October 28, 2012

EVENT: Jewish Voices Against the Israeli Occupation

Taken in 1973 during a protest outside of the Israeli Embassy
Harvard Progressive Jewish Alliance and Palestine Solidarity Committee are proud to present “Jewish Voices Against the Israeli Occupation” Thursday, November 15 at 7:30 PM in Rabb Hall of Harvard Hillel.  

This event brings together two speakers, Jewish Israeli Noam Lekach and Jewish American Jeff Stein, to speak about the forms of peace activism work they have been engaged in across the Holy Land in the hopes of achieving a more just and more peaceful status quo for Jews and Palestinians. The speakers will reflect critically on the role their Jewish identities and upbringings have played in their activism and how it has informed their understanding of what a “just peace” looks like and how we get there.

They will also be discussing Birthright Israel and the ways Jewish Americans going on this trip can see more than just the mainstream Israeli perspective, as well as practical ways to extend your ticket and get involved in various kinds of peace activism work to get a sense of on-the-ground realities rarely discussed on the trips.

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Noam Lekach grew up in Israel along the Lebanese border and has been active in peace work for many years. He has participated in campaigns against the targeted evictions of Palestinians in East Jerusalem, marches against the Israeli security fence winding through West Bank villages, and worked as a communications coordinator for Amnesty International's Israel division. Noam is currently working on his BA in Brandeis University where he is a member of Jewish Voice for Peace and Students for Justice in Palestine.

Jeff Stein grew up in a liberal Jewish family in Seattle and recently graduated from Boston University. Earlier this year he went on Birthright Israel but extended his ticket for nearly 5 months to engage in solidarity work in the West Bank, where he supported Palestinian activism against the Israeli occupation and the seizure, confiscation, and demolition of homes and land for Israeli settlement activity.

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